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Sumner Car Restoration


Let our trained technicians take care of car restoration for you in Sumner, WA. Our experts at ACC Collision and Restoration can fix parts and bodies of your vehicle that have been damaged in accidents, by weather or some other incident.

Sumner car restoration includes removing dents, scratches, replacing glass and matching paint. Straightening bent metal, door or panel replacement and auto detailing are also included in Sumner car restoration.

When you come for Sumner car restoration at our place, our technician will make sure it looks the way it did before it got damaged. Give our team a call if you are searching for the following:

  • Classic car restoration near me
  • Restoration garage
  • Auto restoration near me
  • Restore headlights
  • Clean headlights
  • Polish headlights

For the most effective Sumner car restoration in the local region, call ACC Collision and Restoration!

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Sumner Truck Restorations


Trucks are some of the most fun vehicles to own. From hauling loads to having a joy ride down the street, trucks can be enjoyed whichever way you want. Sumner truck restorations can be highly rewarding when taken care of by professionals.

Sumner truck restorations can be done effectively when you talk to our professionals. Sumner truck restorations include professional advice from our experts on budgeting, value analysis and weighing of benefits. In addition to motoring, gas and body work, our experts on Sumner truck restorations can help you with:

  • Restored vintage trucks for sale
  • Classic industries Chevy truck
  • Classic truck restorations near me
  • Truck frame restoration near me
  • Pickup truck restoration near me
  • Old truck restoration shops near me

We understand Sumner truck restorations the best! Get in touch with ACC Collision and Restoration today!

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Sumner Car Restoring


Sumner car restoring takes a lot of careful planning and plenty of research. Source our professionals to do all the heavy lifting for your Sumner car restoring so you can easily picture your dream car. Our professional Auto scratch repair experts will ask you your budget and your final plans for Sumner car restoring.

Rome was not built in a day, and that is why Sumner car restoring can take time. But by the time we are done, you will fall in love with your vehicle again and your faith in car restoring will be restored. Our seasoned Car paint and body shop with a variety of skills can help you with:

  • Car paint restoration
  • Clean foggy headlights
  • Classic restoration
  • Car interior restoration
  • Car plastic restore
  • Car leather restoration

For doable and budget-friendly Sumner car restoring, call ACC Collision and Restoration today!

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